High-precision 3D printers

AMTec Swiss offers a carefully selected range of high-definition 3D printers.

Desktop 3D printers

AMTec Swiss AM01 Ortho

Dual filament, automated orthopedic 3D printer

AMTec Swiss AM20 Dental

Dual filament, automated dental 3D printer

Desktop 3D Printer MP30

Multi-purpose high-resolution desktop 3D printer

Industrial 3D printers


Dual filament midsizse 3D printers


Dual filament large 3D printers

innovatiQ TiQ5

Multi-purpose 3D printer

Special purpose 3D printers

innovatiQ LiQ320 Silicon 3D printer

3D printing medical devices from silicon 

Dynasty automated Printfarm

A solution for automated production in industrial environments

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